Make your tackle safe for kids

Fishing is a fantastic activity for families. It's a great way to get your kids outdoors and offers a special bonding experience between parents and their children. However, every parent worries about the possibility of loved ones hurting themselves on the sharp hooks dangling from the tackle. Small children and pets often walk or play around fishing rods without considering the danger of unprotected hooks. So why not put your mind at ease with Lure-Guard? Its unique design securely fastens around tackle, covering the dangerous hooks to keep your loved ones protected.

Eliminate tangled rigs

How often have you been frustrated with untangling fishing lines from hooks on other rigs? Bass fishermen often store their rods in tackle lockers where rigs can easily become tangles. You don't want to cut the tackle off and start over, but you certainly don't want to waste valuable time that you could be spending catching fish! The Lure-Guard makes it possible to store and transport multiple rigs without having to worry about hooks becoming tangled with other lines and lures. Snapping this simple device around your tackle takes a lot less time and effort than struggling with a mess of tangled rigs.

Transport your tackle safely

Don't you hate it when your tackle seems to catch everything except fish while you are moving or storing your fishing rods? Clothes, upholstery, and carpet are easily damaged by sharp hooks and are often expensive to repair or replace. Even worse, these hooks are even known to go after fishermen! Thankfully, Lure-Guard offers a simple, affordable solution. It allows you to quickly and easily cover your hooks while you are storing your rods on the boat or transporting them in the back of your car or truck without ever needing to untie a single lure or hook. Don’t let a $10.00 lure do hundreds in damage to your upholstery!

Individual lure and hook storage

The tackle box is essential for any kind of fisherman, storing and protecting items crucial for the catch! It's not always easy to keep such a place organized, between hundreds of lures, hooks, and other tackle that has been collected and strewn about over the years. Fish do not wait around to get caught, and neither should you in your own tackle box! Lure-Guard makes it easy for any fisherman to find their go-to gear with ease, and replace it with a snap, allowing more time to do what you set out to do. It also gives supplemental protection to your lures, limiting wear and tear over time.